by Steve Morris


When you're concerned about web design, consider your users above anything else. While you want to make sure your site is filled with all of the SEO enhancers you can find, making a site that's accessible and pleasant for the user is what will keep your traffic numbers up. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your design:

  1. Easy to read pages - when users arrive at a web site that is difficult to read, they tend to leave almost immediately. Display your text in simple fonts of reasonable size and in a color which is easily distinguished from the background. Links and menus should be easy to access and follow.
  2. Fresh updates - recycle content regularly with additions / "what's new" features and point clearly to these items. Find ways to pique user interest so they visit your site often, and of course, spread the word to their friends.
  3. Don't jarr users senses with overworked graphic design and/or conflicting color schemes. Rather stick to harmonious design which doesn't distract attention from content.
  4. Links to relevant sites and content - by providing multiple sources of information, you increase the efficiency and usefulness of your site.
  5. Simple opt in functions - too many sites want to 'show off' what they know about web design. Limit the features of your pages (as well as the steps required to use them.) In forms, keep user input minimal and don't ask for too much information (it becomes SUCH a drag!)

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