About PCgrafix
PCgrafix   is a division of the  cinch! - Group.  We are situated in a sleepy village which nestles among the lush sub-tropical vegetation along the verdant eastern coastline of South Africa, where we enjoy a temperate climate year-round. 


We are a prestigious and reputable company, known for professionalism, honest principles and moral ethics.  Although we operate in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, our motto and objective remain to be of service to our clients with eager and friendly  diligence and efficiency.


By combining sound site-engineering knowledge with striking artistic graphics, we strive to provide user-friendly websites which are aesthetically pleasing and attention grabbing, whilst still ensuring ease of navigation and short loading times. 


Our highly affordable and excellent services in creating and maintaining websites, ensure that we develop an enduring client base.


Feel free to contact us at any time with queries, suggestions and requirements.


I remain here to serve you

Deidree (Ms)


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