In South Africa, that is. Specifically in province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. We build websites, paint pretty pictures & write extraordinary code

We have large brains see, so we think a lot

Our brains are not boxed, but allowed to soar freely with creativity

which means we're full of bright ideas

and we think big - in fact we think HUGE

we think differently, so our work is unique

we think eyecatching and attention grabbing

we think dynamically, so we use various effects

we think interactively, so you can connect with others

We work hard, without watching the clock

we are solution orientated and problem solvers

and we have an eye for detail

we are here to help you

and you'll find our prices very reasonable

on top of which we are not stingy with our gifts

we are versatile so we can give you what you want

we can get down to business with our brisk content copy

or we can entertain you with our witty lines

we can give you nice, sweet or cute

we can give you beautiful

or macabre or bizarre

we can give you smart sophistication

or fancy and artsy

we can also give you funny

or odd and peculiar

and even though at times you may find us strange,

all in all we're a very friendly bunch

and we always come out tops

but most importantly of all

we never forget to have fun!

They say that before 2012 is out, most web-surfing will be done via mobile phones. For this reason PCG is making it our mission to get everyone fluid a.s.a.p.  Don't lag behind with a web suitable for desktop only - if a major chunk of your income is derived via your website, stop here and get fluid NOW

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Our integrated feature-rich site design solutions with high usability and conversion potential, are publish-ready for the D.I.Y Webber or for our custom order Clients.


Our 5-Star Treatment
  • Professional yet friendly service within the normal businessday framework
  • Dedication to all our customers and their projects with obsessive attention to detail
  • Helpful environment with lots of tutorials and articles, not to mention our superb Customer Support system
  • Our honest and transparent work-ethic guarantees customer satisfaction
  • We are goal orientated and strive to meet agreed time deadlines at all times so nobody ends up being out of pocket


Safe Shopping
here at PCGrafix we neither collect nor store your sensitive credit card information - payments are processed by PAYPAL;  our SECURE e-commerce gateway
Our 5-X Distinction Offer


tensive Catalogues


Visit our SHOP for graphical components for any conceivable purpose when building webs, from buttons and menu's to block backgrounds, dividers and icons.

Eclectic web templates - a range of standard desktop templates and now ....
introducing our new FLEXIPLATES - templates which are device agnostic, which means they are suitable for any screen, from desk - square box monitor & flat-wide; to laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

And if what you require is not here, let us custom design for you - see DESIGN SERVICES


cellent Associated Services


We are here to help you get your web perfect and published, so please check out our AUXILLIARY SERVICES


ceptional Value for Money


Our prices are the most reasonable ever, and our parcels incredibly comprehensive.

Also, don't forget our very generous FREEPACK, which include a lot of graphics and a handful of useful cut-paste scripts to get you started.


clusively Registered Domains


Would you like to be a webtrepreneur but are lacking inspiration for a type of business? We have a number of registered domains with developed desktop sites for sale, ready to start earning you an internet income the minute you've personalised it. Come and scrutinise our list of DOMAINS FOR SALE

haustive Resource Lists


The web is a veritable fount of knowledge and resources for the d.i.y webber, and we have compiled shortlists which cut out the gumph and send you directly to what matters most - see Resources