Here at PCGrafix, our versatile, knowledgable and experienced staff work hard to ensure we churn out top quality webs and graphical components. Peruse the below to ensure yourself of our capabilities, then contact us and receive a free quotation to execute your needs


Web Design
Graphic Design
Auxilliary Services
  • Web Design

    We develop all our webs along the following criteria:

    • Site lay-out and content display which conform to usability standards, as outlined by SURL at Wichita State University
    • Logical, apparent and convenient interface
    • True fluidity, or device agnosticism, so the development of only 1 web is necessary no matter the screen it is viewed on.
    • We employ, as and when necessary, space saving features like content-tabbers, auto scrollers and accordion reveal
    • In-house design of web-related graphics like navigation, headings, announcements, notices and alerts
    • We do not use "Flash", instead we employ jquery, web-kit and css for certain special effects which are mobile-friendly
    • We are able to develop a variety of interactive applications like blogs, databases, shopfronts and communities
    • We can include any media, photo-albums and widgets

    Keeping all of this in mind, we offer our services to you for:

    1. Custom webs - you supply the content and your specific requirements, we do the rest
    2. Site make-overs - a total rebuild of your existing but tired or non-fluid web.
    3. Theme make-overs - you keep your web as is, just change the way it looks
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  • Graphic Design
    • WEB ART
      • Themes / skins
      • Navigation controls comprising buttons & icons, menu's and/or tabs
      • Content dividers
      • Content block backgrounds & frames
      • Page backgrounds
      • Avatars
      • Headings, announcements & arrestors
      • Our art team creates a custom logo for you, based on your needs.  Years of experience have taught us how to create a logo that makes a statement that is unique to you
      • In a professional manner we learn about your image and how you would like the world to perceive you and your company.  With this information we then create an identity that is not only unique but reflects the purpose of you and your company. Our branding  service comprise the design of your logo, and may be accompanied with any or all of : stationery & labels, packaging, notebooks, diaries, calendars. clothing like t-shirts, hats / caps, scarves, ties, handbags or shopping bags. novelty  specific print and web identity with destinctive logo and typograpy.
      • photo-art, posters, murals, greeting cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues, sign-writing
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  • Auxilliary Services
    • Site installation at server
    • Site maintenance
    • Content sourcing and/or population, application of correct English and/or copywriting in correct and excellent English and in South Africa, translation into/from Afrikaans
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Compilation and site integration of databases
    • Business / web naming to be catchy, memorable and appropriate to your line of business